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Analytics and Reporting in SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is an ERP software tool that is cloud-based. This business-driven tool drives insight-driven and integrated business processes and is ideal for mid-sized organizations. Built-in analytics is the crucial aspect of the SAP Business ByDesign solution, thus enabling the customers to get analytics content as an integrated offering of their standard processes. This allows the users to see transparency in all functional areas of their business processes.

Here are some exciting features of built-in analytics which makes a difference to the way business processes are strategized and implemented in mid-sized organizations:

 UIs Connects Insighs to Actions

UIs are analytics driven and help the users make informed decisions about routine work and strategic business processes, which in turn increases efficiencies and better productivity across the organization.

Model-driven Adaptability

SAP Business ByDesign ERP tool considers an integrated approach that enables the users to create custom reporting processes from an end-to-end perspective. The software is highly adaptable and scalable to accommodate reporting requests.

Business Processes integrate Analytics

Scoping and constant fine-tuning create related content which is contextual to business processes. Operation and analytics data access is managed in real-time through work centers. Each analytics data set is easily explained by navigating the underlying business document.

Thus, SAP Business ByDesign has inclusive analytics and customizable reporting that is accessed and made available per job function and role, thus leading to increased efficiency due to information timeliness and accuracy. This also helps to increase productivity and plug any operational gaps. Graphical representation of the analytics reports through SAP Crystal Reports* and Microsoft Excel* is made available to the users, which are embedded in transaction screens. All information needed to ensure better and timely decision-making increases productivity and effectiveness. In addition to In-Memory analytics, the SAP Business ByDesign ERP tool allows a massive amount of data to be stored in the main memory rather than creating a separate database. This allows the software to deliver sophisticated and customized reports at lightning speed and unmatched performance.

We will now see the inherent benefits that users can derive out of these strong features that SAP Business ByDesign ERP tool bring to the table:

Improved Data Accuracy

Manual data entry created in siloes leads to many inaccuracies and difficulties collating reports across job functions. This is now eliminated, and the software can collect, collate and connect the data seamlessly across departments and eliminate data inaccuracies to a considerable extent.

Increased Business Visibility

With the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, deeper and more meaningful business insights are delivered, providing greater clarity and visibility to the business performance. This enables the management to make more informed decisions and implement the same to align with the visibility.

Speed up Your Reporting Process

Templates are pre-packaged and customizable, enabling users to reduce the time spent and effort spent creating forecasts and custom reports required by the management. It also helps to consolidate the accounts.

SAP Business ByDesign comes with power-packed features that are just suited to any mid-sized organization enabling them to streamline their business processes. Let’s have a look at some of the salient features:

Financial Dashboards

SAP Business ByDesign can create dynamic dashboards and generate a series of reports, all updated via ERP. This enables the users to see an instant snapshot of the data and run reports as often as needed.

Process Support

SAP Business ByDesign eliminates any need for manual efforts in data entry, and information is updated via automated processes, thus supporting budgets and forecasts. Automation allows the issues to be readily identified and gaps to be plugged in by the management on time.

Revenue Plan

Based on the latest forecasts and order intake data, robust revenue plans can be created, easily overlaid on top of the business visibility. At all stages, the management can easily visualize the impact of the changes in the data, thus enabling them to take a quick and effective call on each customer contributing to the revenue.

Balance Sheet and Cashflow

The software enables the aggregation of data and feeds through to the balance sheet and cash flows, putting an end to inaccuracies and providing an accurate picture of the organization’s financial status.

Overheads and Business Costs

Overheads and other business costs, including salary and compensations, are effectively taken care of, which feed into the data in an automated manner.

With SAP Business ByDesign, completely built-in real-time analytics across all business functions can be easily accessed, thus providing all the stakeholders with the vital information required to run the business smoothly. Role-based dashboards, location-based information, etc., are embedded in the transaction screens and are quickly reported via SAP Crystal Reports* and Microsoft Excel*. All the analytics data have the drill-down capabilities so that real-time insights can be mined by the users and make timely informed decisions which help in effectively managing the business processes. Management can further customize the reports per specific business requirements and individual users’ needs enabling them to visualize the roadmap and plan effectively.

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