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App Development and Design

Vestrics Solutions has ability to develop your idea into an app based on your need. We can deliver a web app or mobile app or API app or a logical app based on your need.

We have our hands on experience on the latest web technologies and mobile platforms such as iOS, Windows and Android. Our strong capabilities in hosting and securing these platforms in cloud makes us an end to end provider in this space. All applications are thoroughly checked for bugs before delivery.

We can build different types of apps for you!

Walk in with an idea, we help you conceptualize it. The concept is added with the desired functionality using the right technology options is made visible to the world. Based on your need we generally come up with the following four types of apps.

  • Web App

    Responsive web applications can be built and hosted in a secure environment.

  • Mobile Apps

    Generally in most cases, Web app and mobile app go hand in hand. Mobile app has the most used features of the web app to enable a quick reach to their customers. We build apps across all mobile platforms – Android, iOS and Windows.

  • Logic App

    These apps are built particularly for a certain logic only. They are programmed to do a task with intelligence repeatedly.

  • API app

    This type of apps come into picture when it comes to system integrations or when you need a certain web app of yours to talk to multiple apps we help you create the right APIs for it.

Vestrics app development team can help you for


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