Technology is experiencing a swift shift towards automation. Since the inception of industrial revolution in the 18th century, the world has witnessed innovation at a stratospheric level and from the more recent years we derive a hint of an all-electric driverless fleet of vehicles that will grace the roads in a future that is not very far!

Sounds fine, right?    

Every single product, whether hardware or software that the market offers derives valuable influence from these hints of an all-automatic seamless future.

If the future of vehicles is driverless and automatic, then the smart automatic fleet management software would best complement the same.

Logistics forms to be the backbone of every major industry. Like in every business sector, the varying ways of streamlining processes so as to benefit costs and productivity are being adopted in fleet management services and innovative systems empowered by SAP technology that target efficiency as a necessity are the answer to satisfy our quest for automation.

The shift to automation derived from smart learning!                       

Using learning to derive new technologies has been the nature of innovation. More than necessity, the tendency to be perfect derives innovation.

The traditional data entry processes in fleet management have been infinitely simplified with the adoption of software trends that handle myriad aspects of the same so as to boost efficiency and productivity.

Eliminating the time-consuming manual data entry through automatic information management systems gives power to avail and analyse endless volumes of information all at the touch of a button.

The smart management of fleets empowers the major requisites of –

  • Transportation companies
  • Educational institutes
  • Emergency service fleet operators
  • Any other fleet business

Empowering the global transportation scenario         

The fast paced fleet management industry has a singular striving of on-time delivery achieved through efficient operation. Automation fits right in the core of this industry and empowers a business with the following timeless features to eliminate chaos in the ultra-futuristic scenario of tech driven transportation –


  • Intuitive dashboard monitoring
  • Real-time fleet tracking
  • Vehicle / driver management
  • Service / maintenance schedules
  • Integrated fuel management
  • Interactive fleet data reports



SAP Business One Add-On for Fleet Management Systems                 

SAP and Vestrics are names synonymous with automated management software development and implementation. Offering smart end-to-end fleet management software, the SAP Company in Bangalore makes processes seamless and targets easy by intelligent adoption of technology.

Whether driverless vehicles or hovering shuttles, be future ready with innovative fleet management software!


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