Adopt cloud ERP with speed, predictability,
and continuous innovation.

What is GROW with SAP?

A complete offering of solutions, adoption acceleration services, community,
and learning so any size company can successfully adopt cloud ERP

Ready-to-run cloud ERP solution

Grow without limits and build your own breakthroughs with a ready-to-run cloud ERP. With SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, accelerate your business with the latest industry best practices and continuous innovation.

Adoption and acceleration services

Expedite your cloud ERP rollout with proven tools and methodology. With a predictable scope and timeframe, you can minimize surprises through a proven deployment service.

Community and learning

community of SAP experts, partners, and customers. You can build skills and improve adoption across your team with flexible learning and training tailored to your goals.

Discover the value of GROW with SAP

Run with industry best practices

  • Push your business forward with preconfigured processes
  • Boost productivity by using built-in automation bots
  • Get work flowing faster through AI, business events, and KPIs

Build your own breakthroughs

  • Increase reach and revenue by delivering new business models
  • Identify what you can do best and where you can do better
  • Empower innovators business-wide with no-code development tools

Grow without limits

  • Speed up your expansion by managing local, tax, and industry regulations
  • Scale sustainably with full transparency and critical metrics
  • Add new suppliers to your network while improving efficiency

Go live with confidence

  • Expedite rollouts by using proven tools and methodology from SAP Activate
  • Avoid suprises with a predictable scope and timeframe
  • Learn which approaches work through an open, collaborative community

Prepare your exit and fuel your scale with
GROW with SAP for scaleups

If you’re an early stage company or preparing for exit, your growth trajectory requires a constant evolution of skills, infrastructure, and future planning.

Ready to grow your business with SAP?