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SAP Business One for Pharma & Life Sciences

SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small and mid-sized pharmaceutical, medical device and equipment, research and testing companies.

  • Product Management

    Enable the global practices and process to align with drug manufacturing operations.

  • Product Costing

    Take complete control of budget options, analysis, financial aspects involved in drug research.

  • Quality Control

    Ensure quality from purchase goods receipt to customer delivery.

  • Bill of Materials

    Have a clear sheet in terms of resources consumed and products produced, their availability and procurement.

  • Batch Control

    Comply with strict industry standards with batch level traceability.

  • Production Scheduling

    Reduce restraints on resources and time with a simple, powerful scheduling solution

Uniques challenges In Life Sciences and Pharma

Operational efficiency was neglected owing to huge returns. However the same business model cannot be continued. There is need to put cost control measures. The processes efficiency needs to be improved. The areas of concern are:

Vestrics Solutions provide whole array of solutions for pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. We provide solution which lets clear and transparent flow of information. We integrate system software’s with different entities so that vital information becomes accessible to the decision makers.

Benefits of SAP Business One for Pharma and Life Sciences

SAP Business One helps enable companies in the life sciences industry to stay compliant through: