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Personalized Dashboards Benefits with SAP Business One

SAP Business One dashboards are a user-friendly and highly intuitive part of the SAP Business One software. Through data visualization, these dashboards provide quick access to your selected company data. Business users can easily create and customize their own dashboards to suit their tasks. SAP Business One, with data analytics powered by SAP HANA platform enables the business owners to experience in-memory computing technology for faster turn-arounds. Users can personalise their dashboards and quickly pull-out relevant information, as and when needed.

Business owners can now leverage the power of SAP Business One dashboards and quickly get an overview of the critical business data and combined with the help of powerful inbuilt visualisation tools, an overall picture of the business operations can be easily visualised. Dashboards offer a high degree of customization with drag and drop elements, thus enabling smart data driven business decisions to be quickly taken.

SAP Personalized Dashboards help users perform a variety of tasks. Let’s look at some of its benefits:

  • Get an overview of your organization’s quarterly and annual results. The overview includes key financial indicators such as turnover, net profit and profit margin. Whether you want to see updated financial data, records or reports, the results are at your fingertips. Now make more informed financial decisions with customized SAP Business One dashboards, with faster access to real-time information at the touch of a button.
  • Identify promising leads faster, predict results more accurately and get everyone on the same page. Enable your sales team to get actionable information from any device. Help the seller communicate better with their customers and close deals faster. With SAP Business One Personalized Dashboards, keep a close eye on productivity and sales.
  • Now your team can perform monthly analysis of complaints and priority analysis. You can now stay a step ahead of your competition by having access to data rich and predictive insights which are relevant to your industry.
  • Analyze purchases by month, supplier, user, product, category, warehouse, and other categories. Keep an eye on and evaluate each and every purchase you make. Keep track of your business’s cash flow. SAP Business One Personalized Dashboards help your business gain greater control over the purchase flow and reduce bottlenecks.
  • Get real time visibility to your inventory status and monitor sales movement across warehouses. Data is now visible on a real time basis providing useful information on units sold vis a vis stocks held at a given point of time.

Allowing employees to create their own customized dashboards will help them work more efficiently. Giving them access to data enables them to carry out tasks more effectively. Increase employee productivity and efficiency with SAP Business One Personalized Dashboards.

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Let’s now check out the commonly used dashboards in SAP Business One:

Sales Analysis Dashboard

The sales manager can use this dashboard to learn and understand about customer buying patterns, sales pipeline and performance, buying price, important customer status, and how to improve sales performance throughout the days, weeks, and months.

Customer Receivables Ageing Dashboard

This dashboard helps finance professionals identify current or potential financial issues and provides business users with a comprehensive view of the company’s accounts receivable.

Purchase Quotation Dashboard

Management of open purchase quotations is now simple. This dashboard lets you see how vendors are reacting to your quotes. You can compare and close quotations as you receive responses to quotations.

Cash Flow Forecast Dashboard

The cash on hand of a company can be predicted with the assistance of this dashboard.

Mobile Dashboard

Users today expect more mobile functionality. They want all of their information at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they want. They don’t want to be confined to one location. Organizations can connect, interact, analyze, and visualize any data from virtually any data source on any device with the help of SAP Business One mobile functionality.


Now with SAP Business One Dashboards get a comprehensive view of the data across your organisation. Get valuable insights through user friendly intuitive dashboards which enable you to make accurate and faster decisions. Any queries can be now readily resolved through effective visualisation tools and analytics. So, if you are looking for a one-stop solution, reach out to us at or call us at +91 99510 53333.