Your business + SAP Business One 9.3 = Increased control over your business with software designed to grow with you.

The leader in business management solutions, SAP, recently announced their latest release – 9.3 solution for small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) and subsidiaries of large enterprises. You can streamline your key processes, gain a better insight into your business, and make decisions based on real-time information with SAP Business One 9.3.

The application’s enhancements and new features are designed to be user centric. We have invested in solutions that will lend a huge helping hand in streamlining your business operations, consequently increasing your profitability. 9.3 comes with enhanced features to simplify life at work with a single ERP software system made for small business. To achieve a profitable growth, we aim to automate key business functions operating in a wide arena – finance, operations and human resources. 9.3’s all-inclusive business solutions have the following USP’s –

  • You can now amend or cancel a document through the approval process with better accuracy and clarity, manage temporary authorizations and apply form setting defaults to a group of users. These simplified user authorizations provide enhanced usability with efficient implementation.

  • Usability enhancements also include a centralized CRM module which augments and increases productivity. 9.3 provides a fast entrance to all business objects related to CRM where you can assign an activity to multiple users or employees by simply adding a recipient list, eliminating the need to create an activity for each individual user.

  • 9.3 supports large enterprise customers with decreased maintenance costs. You can have a solid control over account balances with features like pre-defined subcategories which enforce auditability and faster execution of payments.

  • Get an efficient 360-degree project management with a holistic overview and detailed information of all your projects. You can also view your project as a Gantt Chart which enables you to link your projects to the time spent on them, increasing productivity and transparency.

  • Simplified production routing facilitates production processing through a defined sequence of production stages. This provides you with an ability to plan, execute and manage basic route-based production.

  • Boost your business intelligence by creating different views with the increased flexibility. This provides a comprehensive and direct management of the company landscape, saving time in implementation tasks.

  • Experience an increased transparency in sales, an improved support for retail business and a quicker and more effective support with 9.3.

9.3 is a comprehensive business solution and platform for SMB’s and has been introduced to support streamlining CRM processes and polishing the key areas which focus on project management updates and authorization management.


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