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Logistics comprises the management of resources for the movement of goods, including transportation, information flow, inventory management, warehousing, packaging, and security. A more significant concern for logistic companies is to streamline the complete process. The logistics task is to ensure that the required good or service moves smoothly from beginning till the end. For better logistic management, there has to be an increase in efficiency to derive the maximum value from different processes.

SAP Business OneFind an Industry-Specific Fleet Management Solution!

Take advantage of the extensive industry functionality, best practices, and processes built into SAP Business One add-on Fleet Management from Vestrics. Choose from industry-specific solutions for small and midsize businesses – and get the tools you need to excel in your field. Fleet Management built on SAP Business One is designed to work with small and midsize businesses across all industries.

Features of SAP Business One for Travel and Logistic

Route Manager

You can define and manage the route information like journey details, expenses, no. of kilometers, and bays between source to destination. It also enables you to upload new routes.

Driver Profiler

Driver Profiler will contain the driver’s details like personal details, Address, license number, experience, capability, insurance and accident history, and medical fitness history.

Tyre Manager

Serial numbers will manage tyres. The system will calculate the tyre’s life based on the distance traveled and link them to vehicles.

Vehicle Calibration

This module allows you to maintain all calibrations done on a particular vehicle like servicing record, fitness check, tax, and insurance details, and spare parts replaced from time to time.

Trip Manager

The trip Manager will contain the details of a particular trip. The system creates the trip sheet once the journey starts from the source station. All the expenses (Driver expenses, fuel consumption, spare parts, and repairs) related to the trip is linked to the trip sheets.

Accident/Breakdown Manager

This module allows you to maintain all your vehicles’ history related to accidents or breakdown and the associated reasons with corrective actions. This is linked to the vehicle management module.

Vehicle Mgnt.

Allows you to maintain all details of your vehicles like vehicle registration number, chassis number, and owner detail. Vehicle Management also contains the vehicle’s complete history like accident information (attachment of photos, legal and insurance calming) and other information like insurance, loan, calibration, and spare parts.

Driver Mgmt.

Based on the Driver Profiles, this module allows knowing drivers’ availability, accident history, medical records, and other necessary information. Drivers will be allotted tasks from this module. Once the job is assigned, there is a link to Vehicle Management and Route Management modules.

Vestrics helps logistics and travel companies to gain a competitive advantage through technological innovation. The key lies in better integration of processes. With better integration, operation efficiency will improve, resulting in lower costs through the value chain and more profits. We provide system applications that will remove process inefficiencies through synchronized information flow, utilizing vehicles' maximum capacity and matching clients' demand.

Benefits of SAP Business One for Fleet Management

Capture all of the information of all your vehicles in a single system

Manage and monitor the route map of your vehicle

Manage driver details and allocate tasks accordingly

Assess the condition of tyres based on distance traveled

Manage Trip and Fuel Information