SAP Business OneManage your retail business in a Smart way

SAP Business OneRetail

Today, Retail is the fastest-growing business. SMEs or Large scale businesses always look for an excellent ERP system for their retail division. Selecting the right solution for this industry is different from other industries. For such a business, SAP Business One ERP is an all-in-one solution with unique features.

Several challenges can come up in the retail industry. However, with the help of SAP ERP, customers can directly impact profit through constructive communication.

We have end-to-end solutions for the retail industry. Customers can witness business growth by maximizing profit and expanding their business.
    A comprehensive ERP that supports easy integration with various entries so that we can handle data through user-friendly terminals.
    We can now predict demand to facilitate maximum sales across context-driven activity with omnichannel marketing for efficient business architecture platforms.
    Mobile applications provide an omnichannel experience to businesses. And, through mobile apps, we can also respond to customers promptly.
    We can gain excellent control over the credit management system through collaborative merchandising, making various functions easy, thereby resulting in business growth.
    We can optimize working processes with analytics and reports that will help in reducing complexity in retail trends.
    The opportunity to adopt various technology approaches strengthens the business capabilities in this industry. Communication with customers on different activities with regards to their business is also made accessible.
    Get upgraded with mobile apps, artificial intelligence, and IoT and stay current with respect to technology for the retail industry.
    Capabilities like Drag and Drop helps you quickly access different distribution channels and execute delivery to multiple locations.

SAP Business One for RetailFEATURES

  • SAP for Retail enables retailers to attempt arranging exercises according to need. It revolves around the various procedures to be utilized to allow retail businesses to increase their turnover.
  • SAP for Retail helps in streamlining activities of the store. These activities are essential for retail chains since the market demands investigation, promotion, stock administration, workforce, and more.
  • This feature helps retail businesses of any type or size deal with stock dimensions and track merchandise. Stock represents the most significant portion of the working capital.
  • This feature helps retailers manage their entire production network. Delivery of materials containing large measures of information is dispersed worldwide. ERP frameworks can help ensure that data remains interconnected and can be retrieved by every partner as and when needed.
  • Estimating future requests and tracking past patterns is less demanding but higher on ERP precision. This feature helps ensure that you keep up consumer loyalty, maximize deals, and reduce stock conveying costs.
  • With this feature, it is easier to capture seller information, lead time, execution, and other seller data. Examine sellers and pick favored merchants.
  • Capture client information through robotized forms. Track information across existing customers and increase your customer base. It is now easy to acquire more clients and understand who your top clients are.
  • Retail business owners can now manage their entire book effortlessly. With this feature, you will have a bird’s eye view of your budget for the business.
  • Gain access to continuous reports by maintaining a comprehensive solution for your business. Information is made easily accessible. Besides, this part of retail ERP frameworks is utilized for creating detailed, consistent reports.

SAP Business One for RetailBENEFITS

  • Through optimization and analysis of the data at an enterprise-level, you can now improve business loyalty by delivering complete transparency.
  • Experience real-time decision-making and ensure compliance with to-the-minute insights. This way, you will be able to gain new capabilities.
  • Promptly respond to customer demands and experience customer-driven business network. Minimize inventory issues to gain business-specific communication channels.
  • This gives a 360-degree overview of all retail business channels. Gain the ability to predict unified customer data based on the context of your business channel, including online or digital retail stores.
  • Manage your essential information regarding customers, vendors, articles, sites, pricing data, and cyclic control records by storing them as master data.
  • From assortment management to seasonal merchandise, we can handle promotions, price planning, and pricing – all of these in one solution.
  • Daily support operations, including procurement merchandise, are easily solved with various vendors, which we can access locally and globally around different stores.
  • The retail merchandise business links to purchase and sell with logistics, configured with merchandise distribution logistics, goods receipt, execution, foreign trade, inventory, and valuation.
  • An essential part of POS has been included for retail connecting with cash registers to stores. This retail sale may consist of Store Order, Replenishment, and Assortment Planning, Customer Order Management, which is more relevant for wholesale.
  • We can engage the DDP interface with comprehensive retail businesses for various data adaptation insights.
  • We can do the retail business enterprise with SAP data warehousing through an optimal collection of statistical data analysis.
  • This feature helps report all the business activities within the merchandise retail business system. This helps ensure quality and value in the business.