SAP Business OneManage complex data and compliance with a single scalable solution

SAP Business OnePharma & Life Sciences

SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small and mid-sized pharmaceutical, medical devices, equipment, research, and testing companies.
  • Product Management
    Enable the global practices and processes to align with drug manufacturing operations.
  • Product Costing
    Take complete control of budget options, analysis, financial aspects involved in drug research.
  • Quality Control
    Ensure quality from purchase goods receipt to customer delivery.
  • Bill of Materials
    Have a clean sheet in terms of resources consumed and products produced, their availability, and procurement.
  • Batch Control
    Comply with strict industry standards with batch level traceability.
  • Production Scheduling
    Reduce restraints on resources and time with a simple, powerful scheduling solution

Unique challenges In Life Sciences and Pharma

Operational efficiency was neglected owing to huge returns. However, we cannot continue the same business model. There is a need to put cost control measures. The efficiency of the process needs to be improved. The areas of concern are

R&D Costs

Some pharmaceutical companies have in-house R&D. But many pharmaceutical companies have outsourced R&D to third parties to control costs. This has resulted in many collaborations and partnerships. The challenge is smooth information flow from one entity to another.

Supply Chain

There is need to reach to release the product as soon as possible. An efficient supply chain will ensure that response to customer’s demand is faster. If the complete process is streamlined, it will result directly in low inventory.

Stringent Norms

The government regulations are becoming more and stiffer. There is strict screening process for quality and effectiveness.

Product Lifecycle

By their very nature, medical equipment’s take long time to develop. There is need to shorten their development cycle and bring it to market as soon as possible.

Vestrics Solutions provide a whole array of solutions for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. We provide a solution that lets a clear and transparent flow of information. We integrate system software’s with different entities so that vital information becomes accessible to the decision-makers.

SAP Business OneBenefits of SAP Business One for Pharma and Life Sciences

SAP Business One helps enable companies in the life sciences industry to stay compliant through

Save Time and Money

Leverage real-time dashboards and reports to make better-informed business decisions

Product Data Management

Define all the information and compliance data that is required to describe a product fully

Data Collection

Improve data accuracy and streamline production and inventory process flows

Comply with Strict Industry Standards

The flexibility to manage complicated recipes and define component and ingredient relationships

Customer Satisfaction

Capture and manage the lifecycle of a complaint, whether from a customer, vendor, or an internal department


Track the genealogy of a product while having visibility into supply chain & operations