Defence and Security

Our defense and security solutions provide cognitive and physical
advantages in all areas, including the ocean, sky, ground, outer space, and digital space.

What lies ahead for the defence and security sector?

Defence and security organizations embrace intelligent solutions to ensure mission
readiness despite increasing risk and operational complexity.

Enhancing fiscal oversight and budgetary planning

Given the scarcity of funds, you can maximize resources and resource utilization by leveraging analytical insights and consolidating your planning.

Maintaining a leading position in technology

Defence and security groups are taking advantage of cutting-edge technology and increasing its use beyond typical business limits.

Strengthening cyber operations and functionalities

High-tech networks safeguard data systems and create a platform for collaboration between countries and international authorities.

Turning your data into a valuable information asset

By synthesizing large quantities of defence data and sharing it between governments, advanced preparation, and readiness can be attained.

Emphasizing the well-being of members of the armed forces

Adopting health and welfare measures can guarantee mission heads' and their families' safety and well-being, especially before, during, and after operations.

Ensuring the safety and stability of essential supply lines

Maximizing resources and availability while eliminating the risk of human oversights is possible by using digital supply chains, with AI and robotics utilized for routine tasks.

SAP provides advanced solutions for defence and security

Cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth can be achieved by utilizing solutions
tailored to the specific needs of the defence and security sectors.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud enables companies to upgrade their financial management and budgeting, gain analytics-driven financial insights, and streamline planning operations.

SAP Supply Chain Management

Properly organizing and overseeing activities can help sustain your sources of supply to ensure mission and base preparedness.

Challenges Benefits Data Analytics & Reporting Strengthening Strategies Digital Transformation

➜  Poor Visibility: With an ERP system, it is easier for companies within the Defence &Security industry to gain a consolidated view of their operations because data is dispersed across multiple departments, resulting in significant visibility into their key business metrics.
➜  Incomplete Process Automation: With the right ERP system, companies within the Defence & Security industry can fully automate their core processes. In many cases, processes must be done manually, wasting a significant amount of time and effort.
➜  Risk of Data Loss: One of the critical risks of not having an ERP system is the threat of data loss. With an ERP system, it is easier to access stored or historical data, and companies risk losing valuable information.
➜  Inability to Access Real-Time Information: With an ERP system, companies can access real-time information, limiting their ability to make informed business decisions.
➜  Reduced Operational Efficiency: With an ERP system, operations can become efficient, resulting in missed deadlines and cost overruns. With the right ERP system, companies can optimize their processes and use automated tools for maximum operational efficiency.

➜  Streamlined Supply Chains: With SAP, organizations in the defence and security industry can automate purchase-to-pay processes and ensure that all orders are fulfilled on time, helping them reduce internal and external waste. This helps reduce overhead costs, optimize resources, and reduce any risks to personnel.
➜  Strengthened Compliance: The defence and security industry is heavily regulated, and SAP enables organizations to adhere to strict regulations. As a result, SAP helps organizations reduce associated compliance costs, reduce risks, and remain compliant with both existing and emerging regulations.
➜  Improved Asset Management: SAP can help defence and security organizations monitor and manage assets more effectively. This significantly reduces the risk of theft, damage, and misuse while assisting organizations to optimize their inventory and budgets.
➜  Enhanced Risk Assessment: SAP solutions produce real-time data on risk factors, enabling organizations to identify better and reduce any potential risks that could have long-term impacts. This helps organizations stay proactive and prepared for any possible threats.
➜  Seamless Data Sharing: SAP solutions allow for secure, seamless data sharing between different departments within the organization, allowing faster response times and improved collaboration. This helps organizations respond to any threats quickly and efficiently.

SAP provides a comprehensive suite of analytics and reporting solutions specifically designed for the Defence & Security industry. These solutions can help with data-driven insights to better inform tactical and strategic decision-making across the operational lifecycle. These solutions provide advanced analytics capabilities, such as predictive analytics, data mining, network analysis, machine learning, streaming analytics, and more, that help with mission readiness, resource optimization, and real-time decision-making. Additionally, SAP provides comprehensive reporting solutions that enable customers to easily visualize vast amounts of data, gain insight into key performance indicators, and develop actionable performance improvement opportunities. The reporting solutions can also be combined with the analytics capabilities to generate insight-driven reports tailored for the Defence & Security industry.

➜  SAP's integrated portfolio of digital solutions and services can help companies in the Defence & Security industry to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance personnel and asset management.
➜  SAP cloud solutions can also help monitor asset conditions remotely and predict downtime or maintenance needs.
➜  SAP data management solutions can support intelligence gathering, as well as the analysis of data and turning it into insights and actions.
➜  SAP's secure data protection solutions can help store and analyze confidential and restricted information in the Defence & Security sector.
➜  SAP's artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities can detect anomalous activities that could be signs of an attack.
➜ SAP's S/4 HANA platform complies with advanced military or national security standards. This allows companies in the Defence & Security industry to use systems in a highly secure environment.
➜ SAP security management solutions can help companies in the Defence & Security industry to remain compliant with various regulations and protect critical data from unauthorized access and disclosure.

➜  SAP can help the Defence & Security industry leverage digital technology to increase agility, improve operational efficiency, and enable better decision-making. SAP solutions provide a platform for real-time analytics, mobile access, and machine learning that allow organizations to integrate military and security data easily. This allows the industry to more easily visualize complex scenarios and take immediate actionable decisions to improve operational effectiveness.
➜  SAP tools can be leveraged to provide enhanced data-sharing capabilities across the security sector, enabling intelligence-driven decisions. This will improve collaboration between government and military organizations and increase oversight of security operations.
➜  SAP solutions can ensure data privacy and confidentiality since Defence & Security industry organizations often work with sensitive data. SAP tools can be used to protect both military and civilian data from unauthorized access and manipulation.
➜  SAP Business Suite and Cloud Platforms enable defence and security organizations to build and deploy custom mobile applications quickly and securely. The apps provide real-time access to information, improve operational effectiveness, and help secure and compliant operations.
➜  SAP's big data and analytics tools can analyze large volumes of data and provide insights into customer behavior and operational processes. This helps military and security organizations better understand their operating environments and make better decisions.