SAP Business One & SAP Business ByDesignProcesses automation to manage operations better

SAP Business One & SAP Business ByDesignWholesale & Distribution

Wholesale and Distribution industries deal with buying and selling products in exchange for goods and money. Inventory management and transferring goods to retail shops and customers is the primary practice. There is considerable growth in this industry. Because of this growth, companies need to automate their processes to manage their operations better. SAP helps in tracking and managing inventories in an effortless way.

The processes that need to be tracked regularly include account management, stock maintenance, managing Bill on Materials (BOM), and report generation on the sales process. With SAP, you can gain flexibility in managing several challenges efficiently. It allows you to communicate with customers to enhance business deals directly.
    Standardized solutions for this industry uniquely manage end-to-end operations. This helps in managing a range of products.
    Companies dealing with wholesale and Distribution often face problems while supplying products to end customers. SAP removes these difficulties with efficient tracking.
  • FASTENS SALES PROCESSObtaining the quotation, confirming it, and producing orders to suppliers are managed with a single solution. This helps fasten the sales process.
    SAP helps in maintaining stock information accurately. This helps in reducing wastage.
    Processing bills for every product is recorded as part of SAP. You can use this information to analyze sales and purchase operations, thereby helping in analyzing expenditure.
    Delivering products to customers on time is extremely crucial in this industry. SAP helps in automating processes, and this paves the way to obtain more customers.

SAP Business One & SAP Business ByDesign for Wholesale & Distribution FEATURES

  • Manage inventories through automated system control. Organize the flow of orders made by customers.
  • The e-Commerce solution takes care of different processes, right from the ordering of products to their delivery. Tracking and documenting these is made easy.
  • Monitor your assets 24/7. The integrated system provides safety and security to essential resources.
  • Manage finance effectively as SAP maintains cash flow management.
  • Wholesale and Distribution have many customers and partners. Manage their information efficiently through a database management system. Access information instantly.
  • We can utilize reports on financial statements stored in the activity log. This helps while auditing profit and loss.
  • Manage queries and statuses of products ordered by customers and ensure that your teams respond to the questions promptly.

SAP Business One & SAP Business ByDesign for Wholesale & Distribution BENEFITS

  • Track your sales processes powerfully.
  • From the time the order is confirmed to the time it is delivered to the customer; there are constant updates. This helps in providing visibility to internal teams and customers, thereby increasing the quality of services.
  • There may be a constant change in demands. SAP helps in getting regular updates on these changing demands. This helps in correcting the course and altering the production accordingly.
  • Business-based mobile applications allow for ease of interactions between employees and customers.
  • The inventory management system allows us to track demand. Demand-based generation is made possible by persuading price quotations, thereby distinctly earning profit.