Having strong ties with your online followers and capitalizing on
your ownership can assist you in succeeding in a changing media environment.

Digital transformation helps media to become more sustainable and profitable

Media companies are transforming into intelligent and sustainable businesses to maximize their value,
monetize their audiences, and personalize the media experience.

Control production expenses

The cost of producing content has drastically increased, and investors hope to get greater returns. By viewing production costs in real-time and managing and predicting that spending, you can practice greater financial control and allocate funds toward content creation that produces the highest returns.

Maximize media exposure

It is essential to know the rights attached to every item in your content library and which assets can be used while controlling revenue from royalties and monitoring the income and expenses of each title or IP. You can also utilize data to find content earning less than expected and use analytics to pinpoint the right distribution channel.

Customize your media experience

By appropriately tailoring content (including advertising) to your audiences and consumers, you can provide them with a more personalized and attractive media experience. Doing this can increase customer lifetime value, grow revenue, and build loyalty through the customer journey by raising the time spent engaging with the media.By appropriately tailoring content (including advertising) to your audiences and consumers, you can provide them with a more personalized and attractive media experience. Doing this can increase customer lifetime value, grow revenue, and build loyalty through the customer journey by raising the time spent engaging with the media.

Organize large amounts of income on a large scale

A strong technology backbone can assist you in handling the complexities, amounts, and diversity of digital-first, micro-transaction, and multi-sided business models to reinvent your digital-first media business. You can monitor revenues, cost of service, and profits, at the individual customer or subscriber tier.

SAP provides cutting-edge solutions
for the media industry

Solutions tailored to the requirements of the media sector can facilitate economic
transformation and sustained development.

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud

By implementing cohesive business practices to monitor fiscal progress throughout your company, you can increase profits, decrease costs, and benefit the environment.

SAP Revenue and Billing Innovation Management

Our subscription billing system simplifies customer billing and enables you to capitalize on media opportunities rapidly and efficiently.
Challenges Benefits Data Analytics & Reporting Strengthening Strategies Digital Transformation

➜  Inability to accurately track costs and revenues: An ERP allows media companies to gain visibility into their sales and operations, as well as their costs and revenue, by creating and tracking budgets, forecasts, and real-time performance metrics. With this system, media companies can accurately track expenses and revenues, increasing their operations' efficiency, accuracy, and control.
➜  Increased risk and vulnerability to cyberattacks: Media companies are more vulnerable without an ERP system. Its software can help reduce risk by providing companies an effective way to manage and secure sensitive data.
➜  Decreased collaboration and visibility: ERP systems offer improved visibility into all business areas, improved collaboration across departments, and better use of resources. With an ERP system, media companies can maximize efficiency, make decisions efficiently, and capitalize on opportunities in their environment.
➜  Poor customer service: ERP systems allow businesses to personalize the customer experience by automatically collecting customer data, creating customized marketing campaigns, and managing customer service processes. With this system, media companies are equipped to respond promptly to customer inquiries and complaints, leading to decreased customer loyalty and satisfaction.
➜  Difficulty leveraging analytics and insights: An ERP system helps businesses capture, analyze, and interpret data, enabling them to make smarter decisions. With this capability, media companies can optimize operations, identify trends, and capitalize on opportunities.

➜  Streamlined processes: SAP offers easy-to-use enterprise software that helps media companies increase efficiency and reduce daily costs, time, and resources associated with complex business processes.
➜  Improved customer experience: SAP's robust platform enables media companies to respond better to customer's needs and expectations by providing customized services quickly and effectively.
➜  Enhanced financial visibility: SAP's enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps media companies gain real-time visibility into their accounts receivables and payables, enabling them to make informed financial decisions.
➜  Increased security: SAP helps media companies protect their data and systems from unauthorized access and internal or external threats.
➜  Improved analytics: With SAP's data analytics and insights, media companies can better understand customer behavior, anticipate future trends, and make better decisions.

SAP Analytics Cloud is a complete solution for the Media industry that combines data visualization, Analytics, reporting, and planning in one package. It enables Media organizations to access and transform their vast data into understandable insights quickly. With advanced analytics and predictive tools, organizations can gain valuable insights into past trends and forecast future opportunities.

SAP Analytics Cloud also provides tools for data visualizations and reporting. With a suite of reporting tools, users can create highly customizable visuals to present data clearly and in a way that makes sense. By leveraging the reporting capabilities, organizations in Media can quickly and easily analyze performance, draw insights, and make informed decisions.

In addition, SAP Analytics Cloud provides a robust planning and budgeting tool. Business leaders can use this to accurately develop and simulate complex business plans, forecast future income and expenditure, and adjust their strategies when necessary. This tool helps organizations in the Media industry to make informed decisions, unify their team's understanding of the goals, and maintain budgeting efficiency.

➜  By leveraging SAP's advanced analytics capabilities, media companies can better understand market trends and better predict consumer behaviors and preferences. This can help media companies to adjust their strategies in real-time effectively.
➜  SAP's machine learning functionality can enable media companies to automate processes and tasks that can improve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of their operations.
➜  SAP can provide predictive analytics for analytics-driven marketing campaigns, enabling media companies to identify target audiences better and customize messages for better ad engagement.
➜  With SAP's cloud services, media companies can obtain additional database storage and computing power to manage better the vast amount of content they are responsible for.
➜  SAP can provide the needed infrastructure and services to enable media companies to quickly deploy and scale digital products and services to meet changing consumer demands.
➜  SAP's ERP solutions can help media companies optimize their financial operations and increase the accuracy of accounting and reporting.

➜  SAP's cloud-based systems can help media companies quickly and easily deploy new digital applications and services, enabling them to promptly transition to digital business models.
➜  SAP provides a range of digital marketing solutions which can help media companies to create personalized customer experiences, target the right audiences and increase their overall marketing performance.
➜  SAP's HANA analytics platform can help media companies to consolidate and analyze vast amounts of data quickly and accurately to gain insights into consumer behavior and preferences.
➜  SAP's Industry cloud solutions provide media companies access to a suite of digital tools, services, and best practices to drive the transformation of their traditional workflows and processes.
➜  SAP's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions can help media companies manage customer relationships more straightforwardly and effectively.