Leveraging intelligent technology increases agility and transparency in the
mining process, from extraction to customer delivery.

What lies ahead for the mining sector?

Given the ever-changing energy landscape and the increasing importance of ESG considerations,
mining firms must explore and implement new technologies to achieve lasting prosperity.

VUCA in metals
and mining

Mining is feeling the effects of VUCA – from supply chains and labor to changing commodity prices.

Eco-friendly and efficient mining practices

Prioritizing environmental, social, and governance matters (ESG) can help decrease risks, sway investors, and create new chances.

Adherence to laws and standards in the mining industry

Meeting the ESG requirements of the public, shareholders, and governmental entities is the top priority for maintaining your social and legal permission to do business.

Collaboration of metals and mining in the supply chain

Collaboration within the supply chain is essential for transforming the mining industry to increase efficiency and lower operational expenses.

Innovations in mining technology and the use of automation

Artificial Intelligence and other digital tools are essential for automating processes and operations, predicting equipment breakdowns, anticipating demand, and much more.

SAP provides cutting-edge mining solutions

Solutions tailored to meet the mining industry’s requirements can help you attain cost savings and long-term development.


Enhance operational efficiency, streamline operations, and gain agility with our advanced cloud-based ERP, deployed by renowned mining firms worldwide.

SAP Management of Environment, Health, and Safety

Utilize a versatile calculator to monitor and present information regarding air pollutants, GHG emissions, and wastewater discharges.

SAP's Network for Asset Management Solutions

Store equipment and IoT information in a centralized database to work together on sustaining assets, utilization, and breakdowns and to enhance asset effectiveness.
Challenges Benefits Data Analytics & Reporting Strengthening Strategies Digital Transformation

➜  Difficulty in Tracking and Analyzing Data: With an ERP system, collecting accurate data on production output, inventory levels, day-to-day operating costs, and overall performance can be straightforward. Furthermore, manual analysis and reports can be time-consuming and challenging to sort through without a unified approach.
➜  Inaccurate Projections and Forecasting: Without accurate data from all operational departments, it is not easy to accurately project future performance and budget accordingly. This can lead to inefficient resource usage and missed cost savings and production optimization opportunities.
➜  Poor Asset Management: With an ERP system, asset management in the mining industry can be more accessible, as it can be easier to know when and where equipment is being used, repaired, and stored. This can lead to reduced asset utilization and lower returns on investments.
➜  Difficulty Finding Qualified Employees: With an ERP system, mining companies can easily track applicant information and get an accurate picture of where and how they need to advertise for new hires. This can make it challenging to find talented and experienced employees.
➜  Low Morale: Employees can easily fulfill responsibilities quickly and efficiently with an ERP system. This can lead to low morale, as employees feel disorganized, inefficient, and frustrated with the lack of organization and resources.

➜  Streamlines Processes – SAP software can help mining companies streamline their processes, automate routine tasks and help departments quickly react to changing business requirements.
➜  Enhances planning and forecasting capabilities – Mining companies can use SAP to access real-time data and gain insight into long-term geologic trends, enabling them to deploy resources more efficiently and make better-informed decisions.
➜  Facilitates collaboration – SAP allows mining industry stakeholders to share data across departments and operations to increase the speed of decision-making. This can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of mining projects.
➜  Improves asset utilization – By utilizing SAP solutions, companies can optimize their asset utilization by increasing visibility into asset performance, rig utilization, and drill bit health.
➜  Enhances compliance – SAP solutions can help comply with safety and environmental regulations and improve the accuracy of royalty payments and tax filings by providing a single source of truth.
Enhances customer service – SAP solutions can help mining companies maintain customer satisfaction by providing insights into customer segments and preferences. This can enable companies to benchmark and tailor their operations to provide better service.

SAP provides a variety of solutions to support data analytics and reporting for the Mining industry, including:

➜  SAP Mining Solution: A comprehensive mining solution that helps organizations increase operational and financial performance through real-time operational analytics. It offers on-premise or cloud-based software solutions tailored specifically for the mining industry, including planning, scheduling, production management, cost optimization, inventory monitoring, and more.
➜  SAP Predictive Analytics: Using predictive analytics, mining companies can gain better insights into their businesses, automate processes, or identify inefficiencies or disruptions before they happen – allowing them to respond and take corrective action proactively.
➜  SAP Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solutions: By combining accurate data with a robust business analytics platform, mining companies can get a clear and complete insight into their processes and operations, uncover emerging trends, identify areas of improvement, and make decisions with confidence to support business growth and success.
➜  SAP Performance Management: The SAP Performance Management Suite can help mining companies gauge performance in real time, evaluate opportunities for improvement, and deliver sustainable results. It allows managers to track, review, and optimize critical operational and financial performance indicators.
➜  SAP Extended Supply Chain Solution: The suite of SAP Extended Supply Chain solutions supports end-to-end supply chain management from the mine to the customer. It features advanced analytics components that can provide mining companies visibility into supply-side and demand-side conditions, helping them reduce inventory levels, fulfill customer orders faster, and optimize their supply chain operations.

➜  SAP’s Mining Solution: SAP offers specialized software for the mining industry. This software allows companies to streamline and automate their mining processes and infrastructure. It helps identify and prioritize operational optimization opportunities, makes tracking equipment performance and safety more accessible, manages supply chains, and improves compliance with industry regulations.
➜  Robust Business Intelligence and Analytics: SAP’s business intelligence and analytics tools enable mining companies to access and analyze data from multiple sources. This helps them identify industry trends, opportunities, and issues and develop accurate insights that can inform long-term strategies and decisions.
➜  Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities: SAP’s comprehensive reporting capabilities allow mining companies to access and interpret real-time data from various sources. This gives companies the information necessary to assess changes in ore grades, process variables, and other critical elements of their mining operations.
➜  Improved Control and Visibility: SAP’s tools enable mining companies to monitor and control their operations more precisely, thus gaining visibility into their processes and production. This improved control helps them optimize their processes while still maintaining the necessary safety and compliance with regulatory requirements.

SAP’s mining solution could help companies in the mining industry to achieve their digital transformation goals. The answer can help streamline processes, provide insights into data, and manage complex operations through its interconnected network of business applications. SAP also offers mining-specific analytics to help identify cost savings and improve the efficiency and safety of mining operations. Additionally, SAP offers mobile solutions that enable miners to perform tasks more quickly, increase visibility, and access real-time analytics. This helps to optimize workflow and increase transparency in the mining industry. The solution also helps to identify inefficiencies and risks, streamline processes, and uncover new opportunities to gain a competitive edge. Finally, SAP’s Cloud platform allows mining companies to securely store business data, including financials, logistics, and operational metrics, and use this data to gain actionable insights.