Sports & Entertainment

Enhance sports and entertainment experiences by employing real-time
analysis to customize customer interactions.

Connect athletes, teams, and fans
through cutting-edge technologies

Gain an edge on the field, on the screen, and globally by having an in-depth
knowledge of players, patrons, visitors, fans, and customers.

Fan Management

  • Planning and Analyzing Marketing Strategies
  • Enhancing Fan and Customer Fidelity
  • Engaging Fans and Customers
  • Managing the Customer Experience
  • Commerce for Merchandise

Team Performance

  • Assessing Player Performance
  • Monitoring Player Fitness
  • Analyzing Player Health
  • Gathering Player and Team Data
  • Gaining Scouting Information
  • Handling Team Oversight
  • Managing Training Programs

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SAP Sports One

Outpace your rivals and make successful, decisive moves with advanced technology that enables you to locate, hire, coach, and preserve the most capable personnel. Discover the data you need to design victorious plans and adapt quickly to achieve championship-caliber results.

SAP Event Ticketing

SAP Event Ticketing can help you grow your revenues with its comprehensive and advanced cloud-based ticketing system. It simplifies the management of tickets, customers, and event processes. It leverages the power of social media and mobile technology to maximize ticket sales.

SAP Assistance and Maintenance

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company across the whole business

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Personnel Management

Streamline HR procedures to motivate employees, achieve optimal business outcomes, empower personnel, and cultivate talent.


Combine automated, real-time financial analytics with business insight to comprehensively view the organization's future.

Acquisition & Connections

Optimize the retail industry's core processes with Intelligent ERP. Gain more significant insights into in-store operations in real-time, enhance customer-oriented merchandising, and streamline your supply chain.


Utilize sophisticated data analysis, forecasting, and processing of intricate events, and incorporate data from multiple sources into a unified platform.

Database Administration & Data Control

Use the most up-to-date technological developments – such as the SAP HANA platform, cloud, mobile, etc. – for business applications.

Creating applications & connecting them

Utilize business and technology services to implement rapid, intelligent edge applications.

Challenges Benefits Data Analytics & Reporting Strengthening Strategies Digital Transformation

Insufficient and outdated Data: With an ERP system, companies in the Sports & Entertainment industry can access accurate and up-to-date data, leading to problems such as inaccurate financial reporting, missed opportunities, and incorrect customer information.
Poor Communication: With an ERP system, communication between departments and locations can be efficient and prone to errors. This can result in an increased amount of manual work, which can slow down processes.
Reduced scalability: Companies can only reach new customers or markets with an ERP system. Without the scalability to quickly access new resources, companies can lack the resources necessary to compete in the competitive sports and entertainment markets.
Inefficient processes and procedures: With an ERP system, companies in this industry will likely experience numerous efficient methods, such as inadequate customer service, misuse of resources, and lack of process integration.
High risk of data loss and security: Without a centralized ERP system, a company is less likely to be able to protect its sensitive data. Unsecured data can lead to financial losses, data breaches, and reputational damage.

Improved Real-time Analytics: In the complex world of sports and entertainment, SAP helps organizations instantly capture data, process it, and derive actionable insights. This enables teams and organizations to make smarter, faster decisions, resulting in a competitive advantage.
Strengthened Business Processes: SAP provides modules for HR and finance processes that can create automated and efficient business transactions, reducing manual paperwork and increasing accuracy.
➜  Automated processes: SAP solutions automate processes such as inventory and pricing updates, which helps to reduce manual errors and free up staff time for more customer-facing tasks. This also helps to improve the customer experience and reduce costs.Improved Fan Engagement: SAP allows sports and entertainment organizations to engage their fans and customers with personalized and engaging experiences. For instance, using SAP, they can capture data from multiple sources and customize content for their customer base.
End-to-End Integration: SAP's advanced technology solutions provide end-to-end integration across all departments, giving organizations a single view of all their operations. This helps organizations keep track of data, improve efficiencies, make better decisions, and drive revenue.
Increased Revenue and Profitability: By leveraging SAP's industry-leading technology solutions, Sports and Entertainment organizations can capitalize on new opportunities to identify and market new products and services. This can help brands increase their total revenues and improve overall profitability.

SAP provides a comprehensive suite of data analytics tools that enable Sports & Entertainment organizations to gain deeper insights into their operations and will allow them to make informed decisions. Specifically, SAP can assist in the following areas:
Performance Tracking and Reporting: SAP can capture and store detailed game and performance data, allowing organizations to create comprehensive performance analysis reports and metrics.
Player Management: SAP provides capabilities to track player career development and performance, enabling organizations to determine which players offer the most significant potential and identify improvement opportunities.
Audience Engagement and Insights: SAP helps organizations track and analyze customer behaviors, enabling them to better understand and interact with their audience.
Budget Management: SAP provides financial models and tools that help organizations manage their budgets and expenses, allowing for better decision-making and optimization.
Event Management: SAP offers comprehensive event planning and management tools, enabling organizations to maximize resources and optimize operations.

➜  Leverage insights: SAP provides analytics that enables sports and entertainment companies to understand better their customer data to reach the right audiences and build strategies to increase revenue and fan loyalty. This includes leveraging segmentation and targeting techniques, understanding customer behavior and preferences, and leveraging predictive analytics to forecast customer engagement.
Increase operational efficiency: With the help of SAP applications, sports and entertainment businesses can reduce operating costs and increase efficiency. Applications such as SAP HANA enable companies to manage their IT infrastructure more effectively, while SAP ERP can help improve insights into inventory management, customer service, and core operations.
Streamline administrative tasks: SAP solutions can help streamline time-consuming administrative tasks, such as ticketing, processing payments, and managing schedules. This makes it easy for sports and entertainment companies to manage their operations and enables them to focus on customer-centric initiatives.
Improve fan engagement: SAP solutions can help sports and entertainment businesses create engaging digital experiences. These include leveraging AR, VR, and AI technologies to deliver an enhanced viewing or gaming experience for fans and personalizing fan engagement across different channels. This can lead to increased satisfaction and revenue for the companies.

➜  Leverage the potential of new technologies: SAP can enable the Sports and Entertainment industry to stay ahead of the competition by leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain, and cloud-enabled solutions to streamline operations, better target customers, and drive higher, more efficient profits.  SAP solutions can help streamline and automate all aspects of a professional services company's workflow, from project management to billing and customer service. This allows organizations to cut costs and increase efficiency.
Develop a comprehensive view of customers: SAP's customer experience platform offers an integrated, AI-driven view of customers, enabling companies in the Sports and Entertainment industry to understand their customers' behavior and interests better and tailor their marketing practices and products accordingly.
➜  Introduce predictive analytics: SAP solutions can help introduce predictive analytics to a professional services company's services and processes by offering valuable reports and analysis, creating efficiencies, and lowering costs.
Automate complex processes: Automation powered by SAP software can enable organizations in the Sports and Entertainment industry to automate complex core activities, such as content management and budget and forecast planning, ensuring better accuracy and cost efficiency.
Increase efficiency in venues and ticketing: With SAP's sophisticated solutions, organizations in the Sports and Entertainment industry can simplify and enhance their platform and ticketing processes. This, in turn, can help increase the bottom line.
Leverage predictive analytics: Companies in the Sports and Entertainment industry can utilize SAP's predictive analytics capabilities to better understand customer preferences and behavior, enabling them to target customers better and shape their strategies accordingly.