Fulfill your Industry-specific requirementsPlantCare

Manage all your assets in your factory/plant and stay updated on your tools, resources, spare parts required to run the operations and production efficiently at your fingertips.


Asset Master

Contains the details of machinery like Asset Code, Major Parts, Make, and Model

Failure Class Setup

An organized set of data on problems, causes, and remedies related to asset and operating location failures.

Safety Master

It is used to add safety codes, descriptions, and safety types to use during the job work.

Meter Reading

It is required for preventive maintenance/work orders entered at specific intervals.

Location Master

Gather tracking information on the machinery's performance based on its location changes.

Job Master

Create job types with the details like Job Code, Name, Description, and Department, which you will use in your work orders.

Meter Mapping

Obtain updated information on the levels and gauge metrics from the machinery meters.

Work Order

Creates and assigns specific tasks to schedule maintenance as per requirement.

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