Oil and Gas

Accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable energy mix with
integrated oil, gas, and energy software from SAP.

Getting ready for what lies ahead in
the oil and gas sector

Many oil and gas companies are taking bold steps in transitioning to renewable energy,
with digital technologies providing a path forward.

The shift to sustainable energy sources

Oil and gas companies that build a winning decarbonization strategy – and pivot to sustainable energy – gain a natural edge.

Opportunities for M&A in the oil and gas energy sector

The closure and sale of refineries present opportunities for collaborators and purchasers to modify these refineries to be compatible with renewable energy sources.

Digital technologies are revolutionizing the oil and gas industry

Incorporating digital technology into all aspects of the energy value chain can create new business models and potential opportunities.

Include more renewable sources in the energy supply

Demand for natural gas, hydrogen, and other renewable sources is rising as coal-fired plants are being closed.

Strategic financial planning

Due to the lack of labor and the increasing cost of equipment and transport, an effective capital plan is essential today.

SAP provides cutting-edge solutions
for the oil and gas sector

Solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the oil and gas industry
can help you lower costs and promote sustainable growth.

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud for the accounting and management of oil and gas upstream hydrocarbons

Maximise asset usage and increase upstream productivity by combining oil and gas production processes from engineering, asset maintenance, and planning.

SAP S/4 HANA for hydrocarbon management in the oil & gas industry

Ensure visibility and informed decision-making in your downstream business using timely and accurate inventory data.

SAP's Intelligent Asset Management System

Optimize the condition and efficiency of your oil and gas assets with our sophisticated asset management system.

API for Intelligent Asset Management using RBI Extension

Gain comprehensive insights into your risk-based inspection (RBI) program with SAP, streamline decision-making during turnarounds, and simplify IT and security operations.
Challenges Benefits Data Analytics & Reporting Strengthening Strategies Digital Transformation

➜  Poor customer service resulting from inefficient data and reports.
➜  High costs associated with incorrect billing and invoicing.
➜  Difficulty managing complex supply chain processes effectively without an ERP system.
➜  Ineffective resource planning and capacity management.
➜  Managers need more real-time visibility to identify trends or problems.
➜  Inability to access valuable insight due to manual-based processes.
➜  Needs to improve in streamlining financial processes and managing regulatory compliance.
➜  Poor decision-making due to a lack of data analysis and forecasting.
➜  Difficulty in forecasting and budgeting accurately.
➜  High maintenance and training costs due to a need for integrated solutions.

➜  Enhanced Real-Time Collaboration: SAP enables cross-functional, real-time collaboration within the Oil & Gas vertical, with centralized solutions that permit teams to share data, workflows, and resources from anywhere securely.
➜  Streamlined Operations: With SAP, Oil & Gas companies can smoothly integrate and optimize core processes related to supply chain management, asset management, quality management, and human resources management.
➜  Improved Data Analysis: SAP provides a unified Data Analytics platform where Oil & Gas companies can closely monitor shift-level operations, detect operational inefficiencies, measure performance metrics, and quickly make decisions.
➜  Automated Compliance Monitoring: SAP offers audit-ready administrative solutions to ensure the Oil & Gas industry remains compliant with the most challenging industry regulations.
➜  Improved Customer Service: SAP provides powerful customer service capabilities, such as automated customer care forms, integrated customer data, and real-time customer feedback.
➜  Single Source of Truth: SAP creates a single source of truth across all business domains — finance, marketing, CRM, HR, and supply chain — so Oil & Gas organizations can maximize customer loyalty and increase profits.

➜  SAP enables oil and gas companies to centrally manage, store, maintain, and report on a vast amount of oil and gas data, allowing them to identify opportunities for optimization.
➜  With predictive analytics and advanced analytics applied to oil and gas data, SAP allows organizations to generate powerful visual representations of trends and correlations, uncover root causes, offer insights into operational performance, and identify cost savings.
➜  SAP's cloud solutions provide users access to their data quickly and securely, enabling them to analyze large, disparate datasets from multiple sources.
➜  Additionally, SAP's reporting and visualization capabilities make it easy for users to create meaningful reports and dashboards, providing real-time insights into their operations.
➜  Finally, SAP's built-in regulatory compliance helps ensure that oil and gas operations meet stringent industry standards and government regulations.

➜  Increase business efficiency: SAP provides solutions that enable Oil & Gas companies to streamline their operations and processes by leveraging the power of real-time analytics and data integration.
➜  Improve asset management: SAP offers solutions that enable Oil & Gas companies to maximize the lifecycle of their assets and maintain them more efficiently.
➜  Optimize procurement processes: SAP provides solutions enabling Oil & Gas companies to source and acquire supplies more strategically and cost-effectively while reducing lead times.
➜  Better manage resources: SAP offers comprehensive solutions that enable Oil & Gas companies better to manage their employees, contracts, and other resources.
➜  Enhance customer service: SAP provides solutions that enable Oil & Gas companies to understand customer preferences better and respond to market changes faster while streamlining their customer service processes.
➜  Improve risk management: SAP provides solutions that enable Oil & Gas companies to identify and mitigate risks more effectively.
➜  Ensure compliance: SAP offers solutions enabling Oil & Gas companies to comply with industry regulations and company policies.

SAP has created an innovative set of solutions tailored for oil & gas organizations, designed to help modernize their operations and support the industry's ever-evolving needs.

These solutions help drive digital transformation by linking departments across the enterprise to provide greater visibility, faster access to data, and enhanced scalability. SAP's solutions leverage the power of advanced analytics, automation, and real-time tracking capabilities to ensure that organizations in this industry can maximize operational efficiencies, manage customer experiences, manage their supply chain, and improve their decision-making process.

The core functional capabilities of SAP's solutions provide for end-to-end process automation, cost reduction, asset optimization, risk management, and analytics/AI capabilities that enable predictive analyses and greater operational agility. SAP also helps energy organizations decode the complex combination of natural gas and crude oil that makes up their drilling operations and enables companies to easily track the discovery, development, and production of their vastly different energy sources. The connectedness and data collection drive process improvements and cost optimization for the industry. Additionally, SAP's oil & gas solutions provide for enhanced safety and compliance capabilities, providing organizations with the ability not only drastically to reduce risks but also automate safety inspection procedures.

Overall, SAP's oil & gas solutions are well-equipped to help energy organizations successfully move through their digital journeys.