Higher Education and Research

Colleges and universities utilize advanced educational software to educate
future generations and stay on top of the latest developments.

What lies ahead for higher education and research?

Colleges, universities, and research institutions utilize cutting-edge technology to
upskill students to succeed in the workforce and maximize efficiency.

New technology for higher education

Institutions are increasingly utilizing educational technology to provide students with the necessary resources, capabilities, job preparation, and individualized, interactive curricula that they require.

Intelligent financial management and accountability

By utilizing the latest financial technologies, universities can maximize their limited resources and provide greater clarity regarding their educational programs' cost, worth, and results.

Intelligent college campuses

To remain sustainable and meet the expectations of digitally native students, institutions are turning into “smart campuses", which involve changes to admission, student experience, and parking.

Continuous student involvement

Colleges and universities utilize student information systems modeled on video games to analyze student preferences and opinions to craft recruitment messages and strategies more relevant to students.

Altering the outlook of faculty and staff

The traditional models of tenured university faculty are being revised to incorporate teaching talent from the corporate world. Contingent workers are helping to meet the demands of departments that need the most assistance. These departments are coming together to form more flexible and adaptive units.

Speeding up research processes

As AI, analytics, and computing power continue to improve, research institutes can utilize automation, digital integration, and project streamlining to expedite essential discoveries and manage finances more effectively.

SAP offers advanced solutions for
higher education and research

Specific solutions tailored to the higher education and research sector can
aid in cost-effective change and promote ongoing development.

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud

Our state-of-the-art ERP system, equipped with analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities, allows for streamlined and dynamic processes to fully utilize resources and deliver tangible outcomes for on-campus and virtual learning environments.

SAP's Cloud-Based Analytics Platform

This solution can use SAP applications to merge analytics and planning capabilities and give direct access to educational and financial data.

Challenges Benefits Data Analytics & Reporting Strengthening Strategies Digital Transformation

➜  Lack of Organizational Visibility: Without an ERP system, it cannot be easy to streamline operations and attain a holistic view of the organization. This can lead to inefficiencies when it comes to managing day-to-day operations, as well as formulating the strategies necessary for growth.
➜  Expensive Course Material Management: Without access to a centralized storage system, managing course materials and lectures can be a nightmare for staff members. This is especially true when course material or lessons change needs to be made frequently.
➜  Inefficient Student Management System: Without an ERP system, tracking student progress and changing student-related information can quickly become time-consuming.
➜  Limited Access to Data Analytics: With a comprehensive ERP system, universities can utilize the power of data analysis to aid in operational decision-making.
➜  Insufficient Resource Allocation: Without the availability of an ERP system, universities are at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to managing resources and allocating them effectively.

➜  Streamlined Administrative and Academic Processes: SAP provides organizations in the Higher Education & Research industry with the tools to automate administrative and academic processes, such as student admissions, attendance tracking, finance management, human resources, and more. This not only increases efficiency but also reduces manual errors.
➜  Improved Student Experience: With SAP's suite of products, students in the Higher Education & Research industry can access increased functionality, such as transcript viewing, online payments, and course tracking. All of this makes the student experience smoother and better.
Enhanced Research Capabilities: With integrated data solutions like SAP BusinessObjects, institutions can quickly capture and analyze large amounts of data. This data can then inform research activities, strategies, and other initiatives that will help the institution improve and advance.
➜  Increased Security and Compliance: SAP provides organizations in the Higher Education & Research industry with measures to ensure that critical data is secure and meets compliance regulations. With SAP, organizations can benefit from encryption security, data privacy, and audit trails to ensure data and processes are being managed properly.

➜  SAP allows higher education institutions to purchase customer relationship management solutions better to understand students' user profiles and associated data.
➜  Using predictive analytics, SAP offerings provide accurate insight into student success, retention, and academic engagement.
➜  SAP allows universities to use reports and data-driven visualizations to get an overview of the student experience, hold surveys, and track student performance.
➜  Using data and analytics in SAP solutions, higher education institutions can gain better insights into the curriculum, student engagement, degree outcomes, and course completion rates.
➜  SAP solutions provide robust analytics and reporting capabilities for departmental management, budgeting, and planning.
➜  SAP analytical platforms can help universities collect, analyze, and report student data for a holistic view of education outcomes and performance.

➜  Leverage SAP software products to manage student data, processes, curriculum structure, and faculty resources effectively.
➜  Use SAP Analytics Cloud to optimize research activities, support effective decision-making, and easily collaborate between higher education institutions.
➜  Leverage SAP solutions, such as analytics and reporting tools, to gain better visibility into student performance, track trends, and measure outcomes.
➜  Improve student engagement and faculty collaboration using SAP cloud-based information systems for collaboration, social media, and communication.
➜   Automate administrative processes with SAP's digital workflow technology to streamline the administrative tasks related to student registration, admission process, course management, and assessment.
➜  Create a single view of student performance with SAP HANA to track the progress and success of students to improve their learning experience.
➜  Utilize SAP Business Suite applications to improve the operations of educational organizations, redefine the learning process, and enhance the overall student experience.

SAP has many solutions specifically designed and tailored to meet the unique needs of institutions in the Higher Education & Research industry. These solutions help educational institutions across the globe in implementing a digital transformation journey to increase the efficiency of processes and operations while ensuring the quality of service delivered to their students and other stakeholders.

One of the practical solutions that SAP offers to these institutions is the SAP ERP for Higher Education and Research (HE&R). This solution helps streamline and automate many academic, financial, and administrative processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective. This includes handling student and faculty enrollment processes, faculty scheduling, library administration, grant and fundraising management, financial management, budgeting, and compliance.

In addition, SAP's higher education and research software solutions enable institutions to improve the quality of student experience by providing real-time access to student data, information, and services. This enhances the productivity of faculty members while providing students with a self-service portal for their learning materials and activities. The solution also helps in providing financial insights and decision support that result in more informed resource allocation decisions.

Furthermore, SAP's analytics and intelligent technologies will help institutions tap into the power of data to generate insights that can be used in research and studies and drive student success by predicting and recommending effective interventions and learning pathways.

All these solutions ensure that the Higher Education & Research industry can continue providing quality education services and strengthening their research capabilities, aiding institutions in their digital transformation journey.