Unify all core functions
in an end-to-end business suite

SAP Business ByDesign

Manage your business with a single cloud ERP solution for fast-growing, mid-market companies to scale and compete without the complexity and cost

SAP Business ByDesign gives fast-growing businesses the platform to turn growth potential into real results. This cloud-based ERP solution connects every function across your company to time-tested best practices and in-depth analytics.

SAP Business ByDesign was launched in September 2007 when Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was still a new concept. SAP Business ByDesign came to market and hailed as one of the complete Cloud ERP solutions. It is the first true Cloud or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution from German software giant SAP. SAP ByDesign remains a strong performer in the SAP product ecosystem and continues to receive substantial investment.

SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that delivers pre-built processes for everything on a single, unified solution. It provides a full-featured cloud ERP software solution that allows customers to enjoy the power of large-scale business applications without needing IT infrastructure. Moreover, it is fully flexible and open-source, allowing users to add more features or modify existing ones based on their business needs.


Experience acomprehensive cloud solution enabled by business
processes in a quick-to-implement package


Experience a single end-to-end cloud solution powered by proven business processes and streamline all processes.

Built for Growth

Leverage a dynamic, configurable solution built to scale to help your company become more efficient.


Get complete transparency to make informed decisions every day with built-in analytics.

Continuous Innovation

Businesses’ environment is quite fast-paced. Thus, software like SAP Business ByDesign proves their utility as this supports
The Digital Core to Meet Your Needs

SAP Business ByDesign Key Capabilities

See how this cloud ERP package connects every function across your company to proven best practices and analytics.

SAP Business ByDesign is a true cloud-only product that covers all areas of your business with more functionality and flexibility, helping you get exactly what you want out of any modern ERP. We at Vestrics, can deliver cost-effective SAP solutions that able to scale up or down as per the changing requirements of the customers and results at the budget and drive growth.

We at Vestrics can deliver cost-effective SAP solutions that are able to scale up or down as per the changing requirements of the customers and results at the budget and drive growth.

Industry Specific Functionality

Professional Services

Connect and automate key professional services processes
Get real-time project insight to maximize client value
Understand customer lifecycle data to position your service offerings effectively
Evaluate project and client profitability to help meet your portfolio goal


Get a view of your entire manufacturing operation from start to finish and in real-time
Improve manufacturing efficiency
Simplify channel and partner management to meet market demand
Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with a 360-degree view of customers

Wholesale Distribution

Accurately forecast and meet demand
Gain transparency into your entire supply chain
Reduce operational costs while optimizing inventory levels and working capital
Present one face to the customer across your business, regardless of channel or region

Public Sector (available in North America Only)

Run your state or local government, educational institute, or non-profit organization in compliance with public sector standards
Combine standard finance functions with features specific to public sector interests
Comply with regulations using built-in flexibility, accountability, and transparency

Get started with SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is one of two ERP solutions from SAP specifically designed for SMB & SME organizations, the other being SAP Business One. We at Vestrics persist in scaling the sales and implementation of SAP ByDesign & Business One into its global customer base and various industries.

As an SAP ByDesign service provider, Vestrics continues to receive periodic upgrades pushed out to customers automatically; the product continues to receive considerable new functionality in every sector, including innovations around machine learning & artificial intelligence, small user interface changes, brand-new functionality, and accounting and compliance updates.