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How Does SAP ByDesign Help Midsize Companies?

SAP ByDesign is a cloud-based ERP solution designed for fast-growing mid-sized companies run, managed, and monitored by SAP experts. It helps scale your business quickly without complexity, security threat, or added cost. SAP Business ByDesign connects each function across your organization from finance, sales, marketing, admin, purchasing, procurement, and operations, amongst other core activities, with best practices and in-depth analytics. Enjoy a comprehensive view of your business seamlessly with this dynamic and configurable software solution. Now manage everything at your fingertips with just one single software. So, get rid of the multiple software investments and say goodbye to excel sheets.

Who Should Opt for SAP Business ByDesign?

If you are a mid-sized organization facing one or more of these challenges, then SAP Business ByDesign is the right choice.

  • Are you sick of managing simple tasks with multiple systems?
  • How easy is it to obtain a unified view of your financial information?
  • How effortlessly do your employees maintain timesheets and other personal information?
  • Can you gain real-time data on liquidity?
  • Is your legacy software not letting you grow?
  • Are you in need of a platform that helps you gain quick information on all business activities?
  • Is accessing the real-time information on the spur becoming difficult with current software?
  • Do you require an in-built localization solution for expansion?
  • Are you looking for ERP software that can help you make decisions on the fly?

Reasons to Switch to SAP Business ByDesign

In today’s competitive world, the rapid-growing midsized companies need to adapt to a cloud-based platform that will help them become accustomed to the flexible working style of their employees to get the best out of them. Forgo the tedious manual work done that slow down your employees. Speed up decisions and implement actions while integrating and simplifying processes. SAP Business ByDesign is an innovative solution specifically developed keeping in mind SMEs. SAP Business ByDesign is the best fit for midsize companies and has answers for everything a fast-growing business might need.

So, if you are a midsize company, you have all the reasons to go for SAP Business ByDesign as your next comprehensive ERP system. Here’s why: 

  • Affordable Price, Outstanding Value

SAP ByDesign helps midsized companies get going without exceeding the budget. With a cloud-based SaaS model, you need not manage the IT data centre as the platform comes with inclusive support and maintenance. This solution benefits SMEs as they can now do away with their IT Capex and overheads. SAP offers fixed-price deployment with a monthly subscription model that includes maintenance. Eliminate the need to manage ownership costs.

  • Insight-Driven Platform

With its embedded analytics and KPI dashboards delivering real-time information, SAP ByDesign gives a 360-degree view of your business areas, allowing you to make critical business decisions on time. Now expand into new markets by complying with legal regulations and industry standards more efficiently as you can configure solutions for use in any country.

  • Automate workflows

With SAP Business ByDesign, your business can optimize and automate various administrative tasks, both at your company and in your network of suppliers and other partners. By providing the option to prioritize urgent activities, the solution helps you ensure rapid processing and keep track of significant developments.

  • Flexible and Scalable

SAP Business ByDesign supports processes in various geographical locations, languages, and currencies, keeping in mind the respective local legal regulations. Easily incorporate new production facilities in other countries. Now feel confident about your IT infrastructure keeping in tune with your growing company. Grow your business profitably while optimizing operations. Step ahead of your competition and adapt to new industry demands.

  • Enhanced Sales, Better Customer Service

The platform’s account and activity management module ensures visibility of all the critical aspects in a sales cycle giving the sales managers a leeway to identify opportunities for up-selling, cross-selling, and processing sales orders. The sales team can efficiently handle their interactions with prospects via centralized information access. Company stakeholders can now effectively resolve issues through easy availability of data through multiple sources like sales, shipping, finance, etc., creating a positive customer experience and promoting customer centricity.

  • Employee Productivity

With SAP ByDesign, employees can now access their accounts, view opportunities, process With SAP ByDesign, employees can access their accounts, view opportunities, process sales orders, etc., on the move. Be it smartphones, tablets, or the desktop, SAP ByDesign works on all devices without any additional cost. Now go ease with SAP ByDesign’s built-in mobility and collaboration capabilities and better employee productivity.

Let’s find more convincing benefits of switching to this intelligent and specifically designed ERP solution function wise:

Financial Management and Accounting

A single ERP lets you efficiently manage your assets, cash, and all accounting processes. Now you can get real-time insights into the finances and manage accounts easily for multiple

operating units. Manage all accounting transactions, automate journal entries, perform tax calculations and handle multi-currency transactions in a centralized place.

Customer Relationship Management 

This enterprise-ready ERP lets you develop a healthy customer relationship and drive engagement effortlessly. You can now easily switch data from master records. A wide variety of tasks like storing and updating balances, creating a sales order, calculating prices, entering payments, etc., can easily be performed. ByDesign’s analysis helps create precisely targeted campaigns, generate leads, and empower employees with insights for building strong customer relationships.


SAP ByDesign provides complete transparency, and you can locate purchase orders and multiple supplier contracts quickly. So, why maintain manual paper-based purchase orders when you can automate them? SAP ByDesign gives complete transparency into the business, so you can promptly locate purchase orders and manage multiple supplier contracts. So, save your time, minimize the risk of errors and confusion, negotiate better deals, and speed up the PO processing smoothly.

Supply Chain Management

Streamline your supply chain and ease its challenges with enterprise-ready software. This software will improve supply chain demand planning and gain better control over supply planning, inventory, and warehouse management. Now acquire a better supplier collaboration, accelerate time to market, and boost customer satisfaction.


We at Vestrics have the expertise to streamline, customize and implement SAP Business ByDesign for businesses of all sizes across all verticals. We help transform your business into an intelligent enterprise. We are an SAP Gold Partner with ten years of experience in solving business challenges without any hassles. Contact us now at +91 99510 53333 or write to us at